Hi & Welcome to The Tainted Light.

Here you will find some of my project work from recent shoots and a little info on set up and locations.

I have found as the years move on my interest in fashion photography grows stronger,i have always admired the publications such as Vanity Fair,French Vogue,The Face etc and their own unique take on society today expressed through fashion and editorial content. The images always carried a undertone of surrealism & drama coupled together with animated & busy sets & locations. This i felt is something i could draw my inspiration from & create my own signature style throughout my work.

I currently draw my ideas from the world of Vintage & Vauderville with everything from Burlesque to Retro along the way.I adore the work of early Pin Up photographers from the 40’s & 50’s such as Bunny Yeager & Alberto Vargas & Gill Elvlgren. However i am often drawn to alternative characters that tend to occupy the subcultures and it is here that freedom of expression harnessed through the lens of a camera can yield truly unique & captivating images.

When im not behind the camera i spend my days chasing 2 kids & a golden retriever around the place, My other love is Tea & House music & lots of it 🙂

Ben Power


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